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Simple Sales Insight

On the Shopify Basic plan and want a simple breakdown of sales by product volume?

Simply knowing your best or least selling products isn't enough to help your business grow. This report takes the guess work out of how much stock to order and saves you having to go through each order manually to figure out if it's worth ordering a few extra units for that busy period you're expecting.

Simply Sales Insight is a no frills, easy to use filter which lets you see a breakdown of the products you sold on a specific date range. Need to see how many units you sold per sales channel, our report gives you that. You can either view your data in the app dashboard or export it to a .csv file to work with in your desired software.

We're not trying to give you tonnes of data, just a simple sales report.

Simple Sales Insight can be found on the Shopify App Store.

Using the App

As the name suggests we've aimed to keep the app as simple as possible.

For any given period of time the app will group sales together by Product and display Product Name, SKU, Quantity Sold and Net Sales with the option to also show product volume by Sales Channel. All columns can be sorted.

Pick a date

When the app first loads, it will show you all sales made today. Simply click the 'Date Range' button and either select from a predefined list (e.g. "Yesterday", "Last Week", "Last Month" etc) or enter custom dates. Be aware that the maximum date range is 12 months, and if you're fortunate enough to get a lot of sales, then a wider date range may take a few seconds to return.

Show/Hide Sales Channel

If you have more than 1 sales channel (e.g. Web and PoS) then you can check the 'Show Sales Channel' box and click 'Refresh'. This will group all sales by Product AND Sales Channel.


Received a sale while viewing the report? Want to toggle Sales Channel on or off? Clicking 'Refresh' will reload the data.


If you've got any complex reporting needs or just want to squirrel away your sales data, hit the 'Export' button to download a .csv file containing the sales report.

Mobile Friendly

Simple Sales Insight is also viewable on the Shopify mobile app. Simply rotate your phone to landscape mode in order to view the full table.

If you've got any questions, suggestions or requests please get in touch at